A Saturday in the South

Kreese and Frosty/ Fort Myers Child and Equine Photography

Feeling a bit on the Country side, kicking up our heels and letting the hair down for some portrait fun!

It’s not official yet, but Summer bringing her muggy mornings feels like she is here in Southwest Florida!  That’s how our morning session felt when we met little Kreese and his family. Predicted thunderstorms all day, we were concerned that this beautiful family driving  from Moorehaven, pulling a horse trailer so that Frosty, the family horse could take part in this portrait session, was going to end up indoors without the horse.


As it turns out, it was just as it should be………….. perfect





a little shade time, relaxing.



Couldn’t ask for a better moment than this! Absolutely one of our favorites from this session.


IMG_2935 copy



wrapping it all up on the tailgate, of ole Rusty the truck.

On a Personal Note:

Wiggin’s family thank You again for the privilege to be your family historian.  May God richly bless.

~ Sandy & Barb


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