Eric Bishop Verot High School Senior Portraits

Sandy & I met Eric in 2009 when we photographed his family on Fort Myers Beach. Boy has time flown by, blink our eyes and now it’s time for High School Senior photos. So impressed with this young man.

Mom and Dad owners of Mcloed Construction   are very proud of Eric as he knows what he wants his future to look like and on the fast track to getting there.

He is very involved in the sports at Bishop Verot High School.


Eric just has that look of confidence.


This is his smile as good as it gets for the camera anyways. Seriously we had fun with Eric and the music he put on pandora for the studio I still have on my ipad. Yeah okay I haven’t been back to that station but sure will be using it in future sessions with our high school senior sessions. Sandy’s more accustomed to it that me still having teenagers in her house.




Here you can meet Tyger spelled with a y! He’s Eric’s side kick and best friend. Been in the family for 8 years . Tyger was quite the poser but this was the one Eric wanted the most.

Eric – Sandy & I wish you all the best,You’ve got a bright future ahead . Congratulations on your acceptance to FSU and remember us when you become that famous surgeon. 😉


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