As many of you know, Barb and I are members of our local professional photography guild here in Southwest Florida.  Last night was our first Print Competition of the Year and we each entered six images.

We were so excited to have Merited on 7 out of the 12 entered, and three of those received placement awards!

It is our goal to continue to perfect our craft by entering images into local, state, and international competitions.  We are eager to hear the judges’ critiques and are able to learn and grow from them.

Check out last night’s Award Winning SandBar Photography Images:

Bandana Buddies Second Place

Wrapped in Love third place

Little Boy Blue Merit Print 81

Sweet Dreams Merit 80

Award Winning Photographers- Ft Myers

Ft Myers Newborn, Children, and Pet Photography Images

As many of you know, Barb and I are members of our local professional photography guild here in Southwest Florida.

Last night was our first Print Competition of the Year check out some of the adorable images that merited.

We were so excited to have Merited and received placement awards!  Click Here to see the Twelve elements we are judged on.

Why do we enter? It is our goal to continue to perfect our craft by entering images into local, state, and international competitions.  We are eager to hear the judges’ critiques and are able to learn and grow from them.

It pushes us to strive for excellence and it certainly helps us in our daily sessions at the end of day to deliver a top notch product for our clients.

Check out some of last night’s Award Winning SandBar Photography Images that were taken from some of our clients sessions:

Sandbar pet photography Bandana-Buddies-Second-Place-300x240

“Bandana Buddies” Pooh Bear and Scruffy

This Pet Photography image was taken during our annual Animal Refuge Center Calendar Contest.  ARC is No-kill animal shelter in Fort Myers, FL dedicated to adopting homeless dogs and cats and educating the population on the humane treatment of animals. A cause we are passionate about here at SandBar.

Sandbar newborn photography Wrapped-in-Love-third-place-300x240

“Wrapped in Love”

Our beautiful mother and her precious 6 day old baby girl. Newborn photography can be tricky and should be trusted to professionals, not only for safety (our number 1 concern) but also for those amazing portrait images to ensure the proper lighting. We encourage parents to bring in newborn before 10 days old for the sleeping baby all folded up look, after 10 days old they tend be be a little less likely to be fussed with for certain poses. Like this sweet baby girl that just slept thru being held folded in her mothers palms.


“Sweet Dreams”


Sandbar Photography Little-Boy-Blue-Merit-Print-81-300x240

”  Little Boy Blue”

Another award winning portrait from a newborn session. This little man is 2 months old and wide awake with his gorgeous blue eyes. Ty was ready to smile at the camera and check it all out.

He came to studio with his older brothers and  from that same session another image worthy of a merit was taken.


300x240 brotherly love-Bspratlin

“Brotherly Love”

Next is on list is our Regional Competition made up of 13 South Eastern States.

FIRST PLACE for Children’s portrait last year was none other than ” Heir to the Throne” read all about it by clicking on link =  “Heir to Throne”

That was a HUGE HUGE honor and totally unexpected.

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Photographing Generational Families

Here at SandBar photography we love meeting and capturing generations of family.


We have so much fun witnessing family members that haven’t seen each other for years sometimes, reunite. The cousins and oh the grandparents with those precious grand babies, no matter how old they are.  what a privilege to photograph the love between them.


During the Holidays it becomes what we end up photographing the most of, sunset after sunset. The beaches here in SouthWest Florida are the most requested. Understandably so when we live in such a paradise of tropical climate during the winter months.


Ft Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Naples, Bonita Beach, seem to be the most popular for our Northern Families. The other 50% goes  between private residence and at our very own studio.

_LS_2349 edit-1

The first challenge is always trying to secure a date and getting everyone to participate. This is no small feat! Usually has to be scheduled a month or so out.

Then the challenge of clothing comes next, every one in matching colors ? or color coordinated by individual families?

In the end what is most important is that the focus is on the faces, not the clothing. Truly the less is more principle applies. we have a clothing pallet that we send out to help.


With our consultation, and by asking the right questions we make the sessions go quickly and smoothly mixed in with some FUN, and a few corny jokes from Barb ( me 😉 )


It is especially dear to Sandy & I both as  we have experienced loss of loved ones in the past few years , we absolutely cherish the family generational portraits we captured of our own families.  Those are more precious to us now than when we first took the images.

When is the right time to take a generational portrait? ASAP! is the correct answer. Something you will never regret and your portrait becomes more valuable to you as the years pass.

“The Love of Family is one of Life’s Greatest Blessing”



High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior Portraits: Graduation is right around the corner. We are scheduling Portrait Sessions Now thru April!!  Call to reserve your appointment:  239.707.9570  or 239.707.7971


Moerschel Family Testimony


We LOVE the Christmas cards!  They turned out so beautiful!    As much as Paul was dreading getting pictures done, he said we should have our pix taken by you for Christmas cards every year.  That coming from a man whose stomach was in knots having to get his photo taken.  What a great experience this entire photo session was!    Thank you for making it so wonderful!

Ft Myers Photographer Pumpkin Pie made with Honey

                                                                                                                                                                                                  For the Love of Pumpkin!

Here at the SandBar Photography, it’s not just family and children portraits this time of year that we love, but we have a passion for all things pumpkin, and especially this time of year.

SandBar photography loves all things pumpkin

SandBar photography loves all things pumpkin

Now although I am a children and family photographer I do have two other photographic passions one is with horses and the other is food. Well to be more accurate I love cooking and making food maybe a bit more than actually photographing it.

Sandy is a better newborn photographer and high school senior photographer than she is a cook!  She’s one of my dearest friends but she needs a bit of help in cooking department, She asked for this recipe so I thought I would share and find something to blog about as well. I use this recipe  for my pumpkin pie as we avoid the white sugar and replace it with a unprocessed ingredient honey.

first of all I start with FRESH PIE PUMPKINS

they are small.

sandbar photography pie pumpkins

I then cut them in half , take seeds out ( these can be baked as well for a nutritious snack )

Baking pumpkin seeds

Baking pumpkin seeds


and bake  your pumpkin halves  on 350 degrees for about an hour or until fork tender.

baking pie pumpkins

baking pie pumpkins

ninja puree of  pie pumpkin

Let pumpkins cool down , then puree the pumpkin in my handy dandy ninja blender.

sandbar photography pumpkin puree

                                                                                           I then freeze enough for 2 pies ( 1 1/2 cup for each pie)  in a quart freezer bag, date and label and freeze to last me thru the holidays.


sandbar photo of pumpkin pie

Fresh Honey Pumpkin Pie 

1 1/2 cup of Pumpkin Puree

1/2 cup of honey

1/2 tsp cinnamon

fresh grated nutmeg ( just a pinch)

I like taking the nut and using the grater makes me feel so gourmet ! LOL

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp salt

2 eggs slightly beaten

1 cup evaporated milk

1 pie shell

Mix all together and bake for one hour at 350 degrees

Enjoy ! and let me know if you try this?