Kalli Island Coast High School Senior Portraits





Kalli is just as fun loving as she photographs. She’s quite active at her high school involved in the softball and volleyball teams



one of Mom’s favorites is always her baby girl not so much anymore but always to a Momma is the throw the head back and just laugh.  This one image  above describes kalli without the words.


going outside the studio on SandBar’s property is one of my favorites from Session and that Kalli showing a little bit of country.


and saving the best for last is a moment where kalli is caught off guard between shots.

Thank You Kalli for allowing SandBar Photography capture you at 17. May you follow your dreams and many blessings as you embark on the future.

Wishing you the Best!

Sandy & Barb


Amusing Easter Game for Family

Digital Hot Potato Fun Photo Game

Pull out a camera with a timer for this twist on a classic party game that produces priceless keepsakes.

Hot Potato Digital Fun

Hot Potato Digital Fun

As a Children’s Photographer, I am always looking for creative ways to document family gatherings and capture fun moments.

Many times I  give McKenzie, my 5 yr old granddaughter,  one of my small digital cameras and let her take photos from her perspective.

I found a little camera game that will catch unexpected moments and  wanted to share something FUN to do with Family this Easter Sunday.

The above ‘selfie’ of McKenzie was caught during the game.


Digital Hot Potato - Image Collection

This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine


How to play

  1. To Play: The first player sets the camera timer for the longest setting available and starts the countdown. He points the camera at himself for a couple of seconds, then passes it to the person on his left. The other players do the same until the camera snaps a shot. The person whose photo is taken must share it with the group, then perform a forfeit or tell something funny about himself before play resumes. The last person to avoid having his picture taken wins.


~ Barb

Eric Bishop Verot High School Senior Portraits

Sandy & I met Eric in 2009 when we photographed his family on Fort Myers Beach. Boy has time flown by, blink our eyes and now it’s time for High School Senior photos. So impressed with this young man.

Mom and Dad owners of Mcloed Construction   are very proud of Eric as he knows what he wants his future to look like and on the fast track to getting there.

He is very involved in the sports at Bishop Verot High School.


Eric just has that look of confidence.


This is his smile as good as it gets for the camera anyways. Seriously we had fun with Eric and the music he put on pandora for the studio I still have on my ipad. Yeah okay I haven’t been back to that station but sure will be using it in future sessions with our high school senior sessions. Sandy’s more accustomed to it that me still having teenagers in her house.




Here you can meet Tyger spelled with a y! He’s Eric’s side kick and best friend. Been in the family for 8 years . Tyger was quite the poser but this was the one Eric wanted the most.

Eric – Sandy & I wish you all the best,You’ve got a bright future ahead . Congratulations on your acceptance to FSU and remember us when you become that famous surgeon. 😉


Sweet Baby Emma’s Newborn Photos

Emma Newborn Portrait Fort Myers Photographer

Emma came into studio bundled in Momma’s arms sound asleep and surprisingly unlike most newborn sessions she pretty much stayed just as content no matter the positions we put her in for the newborn photos.



starting out in simple positions all comfy.



putting on homemade hats made by friends and family that match the nursery are always a favorite of Mom’s and Dad’s as they hold such special meaning.

So to prove my point we pushed the buttons on this one.

We should title this one back breaker, although Emma was completely safe and surrounded by Mommy and me. It was a challenge to not be in the portrait in Sandy’s way as she took this shot. Yes we could have used photoshop, but why not get it right in the camera the first time if possible.



Emma you were wonderful for Miss Barb and Miss Sandy, may you always be this well behaved for your parents. 🙂

Sweetest Farmer’s Daughter Senior Portrait Session

FARMERS DAUGHTER AND PROUD OF IT! High School Senior photos by Fort Myers Photographer- SandBar

Her parents are Carl and Ronda Perry of Perry Farms in Moore Haven where it’s all about sugarcane.

She’s not just a pretty face, Amy is a sweetheart and one tough cookie. With her Southern charm adoring smile and her yes mam’s that make me feel much older than I am. Our time spent photographing Amy was an insight into the farm life. She’s truly a farmer’s daughter heart and soul!

Amy has been in cheerleading all thru high school and has been involved in 4-H programs, livestock shows and archery .

When Amy sets her sight on something she’s right on target! Including her plans for the future. After graduation she will be attending ABAC, in Tifton, GA for a degree in Diversified Agriculture.

Amy from Moore Haven in her  high school prom dress

Amy from Moore Haven in her high school prom dress

  Amy’s a Chalo Nitka Queen for 2013


The Chalo Nitka Festival – Moore Haven, Florida

Chalo Nitka means “The Day of the Big Bass” in the Seminole Indian language.

Moore Haven’s Chalo Nitka Festival and Frontier Days is Glades County’s annual county fair. 



Amy, Wishing you God’s best in all that you do and pursue, following your heart for a bright future in all your choices.

~ Sandy & Barb



Daddy’s a Lineman Newborn photos







Lineman’s Newborn Family Photos/ Fort Myers Newborn Photographer

” SandBar Photography did an outstanding job on our Newborn family photos. I would recommend them  because they were so easy to work with, so patient with our children and made the whole experience enjoyable. The best photography we have ever had taken and worth every penny” Brooklynn Lanier Palmdale, FL

We love it when Mom calls and already has ideas for her newborn. Brooklynn knew what she wanted and brought Daddy to session with newborn baby and brother along with a ton of stuff that dad works with daily.

My son in law is a lineman so I loved this idea, but first things first getting the two boys together for an adorable newborn shot.




then the family all together for first professional family portrait. Both Grayson and Grady had eyes wide open for this portrait.




love to capture the unexpected moments, when they don’t know we are looking thru lens.




here it is sweet baby all snug as a bug in Daddy’s work gear, so peaceful. That is until big brother decides to come and check on him to make sure all is well.




Blessings to the Lanier Family and thank You again for the the great testimony. It was our pleasure to capture these images for you all.