Happy GrandParents Day!

BLS_0968 in progressPlahcetka Bc






Today,  as I was working at my desk, I reached for a pen and picked up a crayola.   I chuckled to myself and thought yes, more evidence that I am a Grandmother as McKenzie and Blaise seem to leave behind little reminders that touch my soul.

There is nothing like a grandchild that can put a smile on your face, a lump in your throat and a warm feeling in your heart.

In a matter of moments these precious babies can trash a clean house like little cyclones.  I remember when we corrected our children for doing the same, now we sit back and are enamored with their creativity and play.   When the nail salon gives  a less than perfect manicure I am disappointed but when Mckenzie paints my nails, I proudly display my red and purple fingers with every smudge and smile.

I believe Grandparents day may rate right up there with Christmas.  I’m not sure what we are supposed to do on that day, nor the proper protocol for celebrating, but never the less, any moment spent with a grandchild is the greatest gift on earth.

May your day be beautiful and blessed, may your clean home be noisy &  messed, may spider man action figures trip you at the door, while lost princess Tiara’s keep you searching for more.  May your bed be filled with giggles, snuggles, tickles, and hugs and when they leave may your heart long for the soon return of those little bugs.

Saying a Prayer for a Merit

Fort Myers Photographer earns International Print Merits!

International and State Print Competition can be intense in our industry, it requires pushing oneself  to excellence in all areas of making that final print. Every minuet decision will be judged.

Click Here to see the Twelve elements we are judged on.

This year here are some more of the images that Barb submitted and received recognition for.

Storm Chaser BSpratlin web

First named “Lee County Lineman” and then changed to “Storm Chaser” for more impact!  Their are 12 different elements to judging a print and naming it is one important factor.

Torey is one of Lee County’s dedicated Lineman and has a mother in law that asked him to model for her.

Nick_of_Time b_spratlin web

“Nick Of Time”

Click Here to Read Santa’s story

My_Lips_Are_Sealed bspratlin sunday morning blog

“My Lips Are Sealed”

Little Jace came into studio with his three brothers for a newborn photography session and was so adorable he had to be photographed individually. Obliviously it was the right decision, and international print merit doesn’t come easy!

Asking_For_Answers bspratlinweb

“Asking For Answers”

Aren’t we all asking for answers, this image is special because it’s Barb’s brother and shortly after he had a heart attack while at work. Another reminder that life is precious and time stops for no one.

Billy is a minister and a talented musician, he has since recovered and is doing well.

Here at SandBar we are always looking for unique subjects, ideas or people to photograph. It helps us to constantly push our limits of creativity and keep on top of our industry. If you or someone you know would like to model for us please feel free to send us a picture thru email or give us a call.


Check Out This STUD!

Fort Myers Equine Fine Art Portraiture.  SandBar goes horse crazy.



His name is Codigo do Retiro and he is a 7 year old 3/4 Lusitano, 1/4 
Westphalian stallion. He was imported from Haras Villa do Retiro in Brazil in 
October of 2013 and resides at Third Charm Farm in North Port Charlotte now.  
Trainer Linda Oliver.
We had the honor of creating a fine art portraiture for Carla Francheville who is a 
DVM at Sunny Coast Veterinary.

The focus of Dr. Francheville’s practice is lameness and sports medicine, although she has a special interest in theriogenology (reproduction) as 
well. Performance horses, especially dressage and hunter/jumper horses, make up the majority of the practice. In this capacity, Dr. Francheville is able to enjoy her work together with her hobby, which is training in dressage. 

Here's what she has to say about SandBar , In her own words_Dr.Francheville


Codigo is not the only horse in the barn.  We have returned to photograph a few of his friends.

The Grand Champion BSpratlin 
Grand Champion, "Ortello"

Equine Fine Art front

BLS_2048 painting final


A beautiful day with magnificent champions at the barn is better than any day 
in the office.   We love our job!


Worlds Most Famous Person wins SandBar International Merit

SANDBAR wins International Merit for portrait of Santa. ” Nick of Time”

Never Stop Believing in the Magic of Santa
Whoever said that Santa Claus isn’t real has never met Santa Larry.
November 2013 Santa approached SandBar Photography regarding having a formal portrait made.  Even Santa needs professional head shots.
We had the pleasure of meeting Larry and his wife, Eileen, aka Mr. & Mrs. Claus.
While posing for the camera, click after click, the magic began to happen.  With each frame we knew we had something very special.   That ‘something special’ was confirmed
in July as SandBar Photography received prestigious International Merits for “Nick of Time”.
Santa did more than simply pose for the camera, he delivered.  Here at SandBar Photography we do “Believe in the Magic of Santa.
We are including Santa Larry’s information and highly recommend him and his services.
He is kind, sweet, and gentle with children and adults.  It was an honor to be asked to photograph him.
Larry is a real bearded Santa 365 days a year and has been a member of a Professional Santa Claus Association for past 14 years
Mr. & Mrs. Claus are available year round for charitable events, parties, promotions, parades and more.
 He can be reached at:
            Workshop 239-470-4561
            Sleigh        239-470-4823


“In the Nick of Time”







A Saturday in the South

Kreese and Frosty/ Fort Myers Child and Equine Photography

Feeling a bit on the Country side, kicking up our heels and letting the hair down for some portrait fun!

It’s not official yet, but Summer bringing her muggy mornings feels like she is here in Southwest Florida!  That’s how our morning session felt when we met little Kreese and his family. Predicted thunderstorms all day, we were concerned that this beautiful family driving  from Moorehaven, pulling a horse trailer so that Frosty, the family horse could take part in this portrait session, was going to end up indoors without the horse.


As it turns out, it was just as it should be………….. perfect





a little shade time, relaxing.



Couldn’t ask for a better moment than this! Absolutely one of our favorites from this session.


IMG_2935 copy



wrapping it all up on the tailgate, of ole Rusty the truck.

On a Personal Note:

Wiggin’s family thank You again for the privilege to be your family historian.  May God richly bless.

~ Sandy & Barb


Lance’s Senior Photoshoot

South Fort Myers High School Graduate Lance and his Canine Friend,  Heidi



We have photographed Lance and his family repeatedly over the years.

Lance has been a part of the Vet Program at South Fort Myers High school.

He completed a 3 year program starting his sophomore year followed by an  internship during his senior year at the Lee County Animal Services.

While interning @ LCAS  he assisted with delivery of puppies as well as fostered a pup that required hand feeding.


Over the Summer he took Busch Gardens Animal Program Camp



In the Fall,  Lance will be attending Florida South Western College formerly known as Edison Community College.


A personal note:


Because of  the love and care you have demonstrated with your devotion and passion for animals; we know that  you will be successful in any career path you may desire.

May God bless your hands in all that you do.

Go out and show the rest of the world how awesome you are! 😉 ~ Sandy & Barb